Better Pressure Vessel Designs Faster
COMPRESS quickly produces comprehensive ASME VIII design reports that are accepted by Authorized Inspectors around the world. It also saves time by performing calculations that other programs expect you to do such as determining hillside nozzle diameters, hydrotest stresses and liquid static head. Important features like drawings, shipping saddles, lift lugs, cost estimating, FEA, nozzle copy and paste and even engineering support are either not available or extra cost options with others but come standard with COMPRESS.

We invite you to review the highlights below and see why COMPRESS has set the standard in pressure vessel software for over 30 years.
COMPRESS Design Integration
Designing pressure vessels is only part of the job. To complete the whole job, COMPRESS supports cross-departmental workflows:

Efficiently produce pressure vessel and heat exchanger drawings using the Codeware Interface® add-in for SOLIDWORKS® and Inventor®.
Quickly create ASME Section IX welding documents from COMPRESS designs with Codeware’s latest offering, Shopfloor®.
Generate customizable spreadsheet based cost estimates with the no extra charge COSTER® add-in for Excel®.
Pressure Vessel Software
COMPRESS saves companies time and money by helping engineers efficiently design and rate ASME VIII pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

Benefits include industry-standard ASME calculation reports, no additional charge pressure vessel FEA, automatic drawings and cost estimating as well as the best engineering support services in our industry.